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success_stories-3Gaining access is one of today’s top challenges facing pharmaceutical sales representatives everywhere. When competitive factors are working against your product, gaining access to prescribers becomes all that more important.

Challenge: A large pharmaceutical company was experiencing new marketplace challenges. With new over-the-counter (OTC) drugs hitting the market, along with a product going off patent, competition was at an all time high. Now, more than ever, sales representatives needed to be talking with their customers about the clinical advantages of their products.

Solution: Informa Training Partners provided a customized version of its Total Office Call Workshop. This workshop provided participants with the opportunity to step into the shoes of staff members at a physician office and experience the administrative and formulary challenges they face on a daily basis. Participants were given the opportunity to role play sales calls with each member of the physician office staff. Role play scenarios were crafted to address the key challenges facing their products: competition with generics and OTC products.

Gaining access to prescribers requires representatives to build relationships with administrative and other staff members within the physician office. This workshop helped participants gain the knowledge and skills they needed to work with the whole office, gain access to prescribers, and get their products written despite competitive challenges.