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What’s in? Segment 5: Innovation at Informa

The final segment in this video blog series wraps up with an engaging conversation about what we are doing at Informa to stay ahead of the curve. Andre Todman shares his insights on the most effective tools available in technology today. Watch the video >

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Overcoming Challenges: What Sets You Apart?

We’ve all had those moments in our career. That thing we shouldn’t have said, done, acted upon. When I was growing up (and still today), my dad shared little business pearls of wisdom. His big one was: “Never blame anybody and don’t overreact. Keep your cool and find a solution.” I remember early on in […]

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Got Chemistry?

It was 11 pm, and I had just finished a formal search of Volkswagen dealers in the Boston area. I was in the market for a new car, and I had just two weeks to make a new purchase. I read every Web site for VW dealers in a 20-mile radius. I looked at every […]

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