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Success Stories

Moving Closer to a Paperless Training Environment

Everyone, it seems, is trying to avoid waste, and the goal to save on paper is part of that effort. One company found that reducing paper also helped saved the breaking backs of their sales force! Need: When a specialty biopharmaceutical company found that text-based modules were just too big and heavy to carry around, […]

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Continuous Learning Opportunities Provide Edge for Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals

Once a National or Regional Account Manager (AM) has mastered the skills to successfully manage their accounts strategically, the learning shouldn’t stop here. They need advanced learning opportunities that will help them maintain a market leadership position. Objective: A pharmaceutical company identified the core competencies for AMs and provided a curriculum for training during their […]

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Expanding Knowledge and Skills to the Federal Market

There are many ways in which pharmaceutical companies organize their sales forces. Some organize specific sales teams by product, where sales representatives represent one product and call on a variety of customer types, including physician offices, hospitals, and clinics. Others organize specific sales teams by customer type, whereby some sales representatives sell a variety of […]

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Access Issues: A Case Study Where Less Provides More

Gaining access is one of today’s top challenges facing pharmaceutical sales representatives everywhere. When competitive factors are working against your product, gaining access to prescribers becomes all that more important. Challenge: A large pharmaceutical company was experiencing new marketplace challenges. With new over-the-counter (OTC) drugs hitting the market, along with a product going off patent, […]

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Product Launch: A Case Study in Sustaining Momentum

Launching a new drug with a new sales force can be a daunting experience. You’ve got to provide the right clinical knowledge and the right selling skills at the right time to ensure that once the product launch occurs, your sales reps are ready to make the most of “launch momentum.” Need: A small bio-tech […]

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