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success_stories-2Once a National or Regional Account Manager (AM) has mastered the skills to successfully manage their accounts strategically, the learning shouldn’t stop here. They need advanced learning opportunities that will help them maintain a market leadership position.

Objective: A pharmaceutical company identified the core competencies for AMs and provided a curriculum for training during their first year in the position. Beyond this one-year mark, continuous learning opportunities were needed to support the organization’s business model and strategy, encourage best practices, and provide up-to-date marketplace information that would prepare AMs to continuously bring value to their accounts.

Solution: Partnering with the managed markets trainers, three eLearning courses were developed to provide continuous learning. Early in the development process, the company recognized that the selected topics – each focusing on a current marketplace trend – would be valuable information for the entire sales force. The resulting courses are now used to provide advanced marketplace training for AMs, sales managers, and sales representatives.

Marketplace trends can be a moving target, providing a challenge to training departments to keep the sales force updated with the most current information. The payoff in providing training on current trends is a cutting-edge sales team that is able to bring increased value to their relationships with providers and accounts.