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success_stories-5There are many ways in which pharmaceutical companies organize their sales forces. Some organize specific sales teams by product, where sales representatives represent one product and call on a variety of customer types, including physician offices, hospitals, and clinics. Others organize specific sales teams by customer type, whereby some sales representatives sell a variety of products to physician offices only, and other sales representatives sell a variety of products to hospitals only. Still others organize specific sales teams to be even more specialized, whereby sales representatives sell one product to one type of customer.

Need: A large pharmaceutical company needed a federal healthcare system training curriculum to prepare their existing hospital sales representatives to sell to a new customer, federal hospitals.

Solution: Informa designed the Selling in the Federal Market eLearning program as a primer to provide need-to-know information about government accounts that fall under the supervision of the Veteran’s Health Administration, Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the Indian Health Service. Informa followed the eLearning program with the Understanding the Federal Healthcare System Workshop. The workshop reinforced the information and provided learners with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in preparation for calling on their federal hospital accounts.