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success_stories-4Launching a new drug with a new sales force can be a daunting experience. You’ve got to provide the right clinical knowledge and the right selling skills at the right time to ensure that once the product launch occurs, your sales reps are ready to make the most of “launch momentum.”

Need: A small bio-tech company had a need to train 12 newly hired (but experienced) representatives on a soon-to-be-approved product for a rare genetic disorder. With FDA approval scheduled for just a few months away, their training department had a tight deadline. The 12 new hires already had a high level of clinical knowledge. What they needed was to boost their knowledge of the disease state and product to ensure they were prepared to get into higher level clinical discussions with geneticists and pediatricians who treat the disorder.

Solution: A multi-faceted curriculum design that included:

  • Self-study Text-based Modules to provide critical background information on the indicated disease and its management as well as key product information.
  • CD Program to bring to life and complement the content in the self-study text-based modules.
  • Pivotal Study Quick Reference Guide to provide representatives with concisely summarized key study findings and associated selling messages.
  • Physician Specialty Quick Reference Guides to provide tips on the specific types of targeted physicians (geneticists and pediatricians). Information included the scope of each specialty, the types of patients and disorders seen by these specialists, defining characteristics of the specialty, different practice settings, organization and staffing of their offices, other healthcare professionals with whom they interact, prescribing habits and referral patterns, and commonly used medical vernacular, acronyms, and terminology.
  • Special Topic Workshop Sessions to be incorporated into the overall launch meeting.

When it comes to launching a product, providing sales representatives with a comprehensive, blended learning  program can help ensure that they hit the ground running as soon as the product is approved.