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Training solutions tailored to your unique needs.

The Informa team includes experts in market access, clinical disease states and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, and selling skills. And, our team members know how to work with each other as well as with you. So when you want your training programs to combine market access, with clinical information, and selling skills, for example, we can make that happen.

One-size does not fit all, ever. Informa’s solutions are designed to fit your needs.


market access Face-to-face, live training is vital to confirming comprehension and ensuring application competencies.


clin_training-home Self-study programs help sales professionals nail down the basic knowledge points they need before heading into the classroom or the field.


medical diagnostics Learning on the go enables success on the go.


selling skills From traditional board games to online quizzes to role play simulators, Informa uses gaming to enhance engagement and ensure your learners have fun.

Virtual Training Solutions

onboarding - new hire When your people need to talk, but cannot meet in person, webinars are the way to go.


onboarding - new hire Sometimes you just have to read to learn what you need to learn, and in these cases, there is no substitute for print.


onboarding - new hire Our customers sell products all over the world so we build training programs that work all over the world.

Knowledge Retention

onboarding - new hire Application and sustainability start with knowledge retention.

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