Inside Informa: Employee Spotlight on Amy Fennick

Amy has an affinity for design and loves to create things that are useful and beautiful.  At work, Amy is a Senior Instructional Designer and Medical Writer who writes and develops workshops and various other training materials for Informa.  At home, she pursues her artistic passion for hand building clay pieces that are functional and whimsical.  In addition to making her own art, Amy enjoys traveling to places where she can immerse herself in the beauty and history of other cultures.

Why the life sciences industry? 

I started with Informa four years ago but was drawn to the life science industry early in my career.  It was important to me to work in a field that helped people better themselves or improve their lives in some way.  I worked in a hospital as the Director of Occupational Therapy where training new occupational therapists was part of my role.  After leaving the hospital setting, I applied my medical, training, and management background to the pharmaceutical industry and began designing and writing training pieces.

Why Informa?

I chose Informa because I have respect for the company and its practices.  I liked the people as well as the work they produced. They are smart, professional, and focused on doing the best work possible.  I also enjoy the variety of the work. The projects vary regarding therapeutic area and the type of training solutions they provide. Informa is open to new ideas, too.

What are favorite aspects of your job?

I enjoy getting to know the client as well as the project and being able to pair up my skills and ideas with the client’s needs.  Being creative keeps me going and therefore I find that   workshops are often the most interesting to write because they encompass different activities, themes, and designs.  I also enjoy writing eLearning Modules and Learn & Go projects. I like brainstorming with others and being part of a team.

If you could switch your job with any of your colleagues, is there something you would like to try? 

I would probably like to work in Creative Services.  Being a visual artist, I enjoy drawing and design so it would be interesting to do these things digitally.

What might surprise people about you?

I went to school for prosthetics and spent some time making artificial limbs.  As an OT, I worked with patients who were amputees and became drawn to the idea of making something that could make a significant difference to their lives.

Best vacation?

A trip to Mexico:  San Miguel, known for its baroque Spanish architecture and cultural festivals, and Oaxaca, famous for the variety of native culture and crafts of the indigenous peoples were particularly beautiful and interesting.

Good reads? 

I’ve been in a book group for 25 years, but have loved books from an early age.  Harriet the Spy, by Louise Fitzhugh was one of my first favorites. As I get older, I appreciate more non-fiction books, such as Educated by Tara Westover. Currently, I am reading Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming.  Even the Prime original series, The Americans, is based on real people so I enjoyed that very much.

Hidden Talent?

I am a hand-builder primarily working with slabs of clay.  I enjoy creating decorative and functional clay pieces.  Here are few examples of my art:

Vision is the art of seeing what is impossible to others” – Jonathan Swift

What would you tell your younger self?

Trust your gut! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Listen and learn from others.  Look around for inspiration!

In addition to being a valued member of Informa’s program development team, Amy also contributes her expertise to the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN), writing articles for Focus On Training Magazine. Explore her latest article, What Role Does Learning & Development Play in a Future Filled with Constant Change?  where she summarizes key concepts presented at the 2nd annual LTEN Learning Executive Forum in Boston.  

Amy is just one of many outstanding employees here at Informa. Check back often for more Inside Informa Employee Spotlights. To make it easy to stay informed, sign up to receive the latest news and updates from Informa.

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