Playing games makes learning fun.

Who among us doesn’t like a challenge? And when that challenge comes in the form of a competitive game, all the better, right? Informa’s training games bring fun and motivation to the learning process. Whether your sales professionals are beating the computer by answering rapid-fire questions, working with their team to compete against other teams, or engaging in a peer-graded simulation activity, Informa’s games and apps help your sales professionals experience how much fun learning really can be.

Available Games

Team Challenge


Scavenger Hunt

Participants are divided into teams and rotate through the game questions. Teams must collaborate quickly and give their response to the facilitator manning the board before the time runs out. 

This multiple choice, timed game reinforces key concepts from your materials in a fun, competitive environment. Questions are timed, and participants receive bonus points depending on the amount of time they take to answer each question correctly. 

Teach reps how to understand and leverage key sales tools such as clinical reprints or visual aids. Toggle between the Scavenger Hunt activity and the relevant sales tools to “hunt” down answers to a series of questions.

Trivia Trainer

Hostpital Run

Dr. Doctor

Spin the wheel to land on one of five colorful question categories. Answer all the questions in a category correctly to reach the bonus round! Play as individuals or in teams during a live workshop. 

Drag and drop your rep through fun and engaging scenarios to help them navigate a hospital visit. Answer questions correctly along the way or you’ll be asked to leave the hospital!

Answer questions of varying difficulty and from different categories in this jeopardy style game in which you are the Dr. in an ER tending to patients. 

Nano Blast

Answer questions as you make your way through the human body. Blast as many disease cells as you can along the way!

InformaPulse Gamification Station

Informa’s turnkey Gamification Station allows secure and easy access to all games, leaderboards, and reporting on InformaPulse. Prefer to host on your LMS? All Informa’s games can be deliveread as a SCORM package for your own hosting and deployment. 



Hosting your game through the InformaPulse Gamification Station gives you access to an abundance of analytics:

  • User-level
  • Question-level
  • Game-level
  • Includes easy-to-view dashboards and exportable analytics


Give game participants extra incentive to perform (and the proof needed for bragging rights) with a leaderboard highlighting top scorers for your next competitive game. Games accessed through InformaPulse Gamification Station will have an optional leaderboard highlighting names, scores, and ranks related to the game. Custom leaderboards available upon request. 

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