Knowledge Retention

Retaining knowledge. Sustaining results.

Your sales professionals are tasked with learning an immense amount of information to do their jobs. They have to understand everything from the disease or diseases their product treats to associated warnings and precautions to clinical trial data and more. They also have to understand the market in which they are selling their product. What specialist types do they need to call on? How is their product reimbursed? What restrictions limit access to their product? Learning all of this information is a challenge in and of itself. Remembering it so it is accessible when needed is another type of challenge altogether. Informa understands that your investment in training needs to include not only the initial information download, but follow-up training as well. Informa has developed numerous sustainability programs, from post-launch regional workshops, to coaching guides, to refresher quizzes. Whatever sustainability solution we design for you, we strive to make sure that what we teach is remembered and applied to maximize the success of your team.

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