When it comes to your sales team, does IDN mean “I Don’t Know?”

It shouldn’t! Integrated delivery networks—IDNs—represent the fastest growing healthcare market. In this era of healthcare consolidation, private practice sales visits could eventually go the way of physician house calls. Increasingly, decision-making occurs at the institutional rather than individual physician level.

Sources: Definitive Healthcare and IQVIA.

An IDN is a partnership among healthcare facilities aligning them under one management system. Hospitals, primary care and specialty providers, outpatient, and residential facilities, and even health insurance plans may all operate within a single IDN system. The purpose of an IDN is to streamline care delivery and help patients avoid a fragmented experience, making favorable outcomes more likely. But if you’ve seen one IDN….you’ve seen one IDN. That’s because IDNs vary widely in size, operation, style, and specialty.

Who is the customer?

Physicians who belong to IDNs are often subject to system-wide policies and guidelines that influence their prescribing. The challenge from a sales perspective is identifying not only who the decision-makers are for medication policies, but also pinpointing additional factors that may drive decision-making in the system’s unique environment. Here are five tips for sales success.

Tip #1: Know your institution’s clinical and business priorities. These will directly influence medication choices.

Tip #2: Expand your customer base to include key nonclinical stakeholders. System professionals can provide important insights about purchasing and technological barriers to access to your products.

Tip #3: Adopt a population focus. Message around how your product may benefit specific groups of patients, and the ramifications of those benefits for the system as a whole.

Tip #4: Become a problem solver. Understanding how the system works and its goals can enable you to work with your team to become part of the solution.

Tip #5: Identify opportunities for prescribing flexibility. Every system offers clinicians some latitude for prescribing a nonpreferred product for appropriate patients. Find out the processes that make this possible.

Want to learn more about selling to IDNs?

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